Who We Are:

Forensic Autopsy & Consulting Services is a full-service autopsy practice based in Little Rock, Arkansas, founded by Dr. Frank. J. Peretti.

Dr. Peretti is a forensic pathologist who has performed autopsies for the past 35 years.

Who We Serve:

Dr. Peretti has performed private autopsies for residents throughout the Southeast United States including for residents of Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee, Texas, Missouri and Oklahoma.

In addition, Dr. Peretti is routinely engaged by hospitals to provide autopsies and has worked as the forensic pathologist for 11 Northern Louisiana Parishes since 1993.

Dr. Peretti routinely testifies in both civil and criminal proceedings regarding his autopsy findings and has been qualified as an expert witness in forensic pathology in both state and federal courts.

Services We Provide

Initial autopsies

Second autopsies

Exhumation autopsies

Recovery of brains for neuropathological examination

Recovery of lungs for asbestos litigation

Collection of specimens for toxicological and DNA analysis

Expert Witness testimony in civil/criminal proceedings